Birth place, Guadalupe Province of Pacasmayo - Perú

For more than 20 years the Vera-Horna's brothers descending from two families that good food was their main family tradition, started this restaurant, both are excellent chefs learning the art of cooking from their mother and both grand-mothers.

In Mid 1980's, 1985 to be exact, in memory of Fernando Vera Farfan, Mrs. Susana Horna Vera and her children, Fernando Arturo, Fernando Antonio and Sussy Patricia began the adventurous journey of opening a restaurant in Lima, Peru.  The Don Ferrnando, Cinthia the youngest child was only 6 years old. That was 27 years ago and now both brothers known as Arturo y Toño are the managing partners of the business.  The passion and work ethic that was inculcated by both their parents, set them above the competitive world of gastronomy in Peru.

1981 - Don Fernando died, Guadalupe

1983 - Moved to Lima (Capital of Peru)

1985 - July - August: Successful participation in the "Feria del Hogar"

1985 - September: Grand opening of the first restaurant " Don Fernando ", in Jesús María

1992 - Moved to present location

1995-1997 - Opened a restaurant location at  25 Benavides - Miraflores

2007 - Well renowned Gastón Acurio with the program "The culinary adventure of the Tigers Milk" was extremely successful.  People lined up and the new transformation of "Don Fernando" took place.

2008 - Second visit of Mr. Gastón with "The culinary adventures of the chilcano ", not concerning the pisco drink but the fish or seafood broth.  Explosion of people.  An established customer commented.... What happened? This was such a quiet environment to eat.

2009 y 2011 - We receive various visits from Gastón:
- "The culinary adventures of Ceviche "
- "The culinary adventures of Tamalito "
- "The culinary adventures of Broiled "
- "The culinary adventures of Homemade Salsa "
- "The culinary adventures of Pepián " (A type of hummus)
- "The culinary adventures of the region Jesús María "


2011 - Participation in MISTURA 2011, complete success

2012 - September: Trip Advisor listed us within the 3 best restaurants in Lima!